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What to Do if You Get Pulled Over by the Police:

Written by on 2016-07-10

An Illustrated Guide

Communities across the nation are still shaken after a series of violent police-related incidents that unfolded over three days last week.

The events included the fatal shooting of two black men — in Baton Rogue, La. on Tuesday and St. Paul, Minn. on Wednesday — and the killings of five officers gunned down by a lone sniper at a Thursday protest in Dallas.

As have other high profile incidents of police violence over the past two years, last week’s events redrew national attention to the ongoing issue of police force, particularly in low-income communities of color, where arrest rates are often disproportionately high and relations between law enforcement and residents are frequently tense, mistrustful and violent.

It also underscored the importance of understanding your rights and responsibilities if stopped by the police. Knowing how to act appropriately during these interactions can help avoid potentially dangerous confrontations. Cartoon journalist Andy Warner explains the rules of engagement (source links below).

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