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Advertise With Us

Prices for advertising on KNR are very reasonable and ads on site of course link to your pg.

For the logo ads that scroll along the bottom it’s $35/month

Advertisement box in the sidebar $65/month

On air ad $80 for 30sec and $110 for 1min

For logo on bottom scroll and 1 min radio ad together $120/month

For Sidebar ad and 1 min radio ad $150/month

For all 3—->>> 1 minute radio ad, sidebar ad and bottom scroll $200/month

Advertise your event on event pg with countdown to time of event for $25/month; to have dj mention the event during live shows for the duration up to day of event $50/month

Your radio ad will rotate at least once every 2hours (most likely more) during the month or months paid for in advance.