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Welcome to the Muzik Lounge, where you can ease back and relax and listen to The Beat of The Kingdom. The KNR- Shop is now open, slide over and take a look at the KNR gear.

KNR Server Fund Raiser

$1,105 of $500 raised

Much thanks to all that gave and helped us to exceed our goals, we really never expected this much, and are more than honoured to receive this amount of love from everyone.
Giving thanks to all in no particular order for giving to the Server Fund Raiser.
Mentizzle,  JahLou,  Cat,  Judy,  Aston,  Fyah Starter,  King David,  Nancy,  Mohammad A,  Eva,  Ron,  Kelly R,  Edwin A,  Adeeb A,  Edward A,  Duane M,  Savath C,  Aaron C,  Hamed A,  Cathy M,  Jack O,  Vera Y,  Clinton P,  Mike P,  Craig D,  Dennis,  Debbie S,  Natalie D,  Lynda F,  Tracy T,  Dr. Nelson C,  Gershon,  Chris C.
NUFF THANKS, NUFF RASPECK (Respect) From us at KingdomNubia Radio – KNR “The Beat of The Kingdom”
Donations can still be made through the end of August in case you never got the chance to give yet or would like to give more 🙂

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