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Aka Mo-Di The Scratch Master, of The DJ crew/service “Masters of The Wheels of Steel” aka MWS It all began at the age of 6, his parents had parties at their house just about every month and the whole Caribbean community would be there. (Well nuff of it anyways). His uncle let him play a […]

Aka JahLou The Mix Master of the DJ crew/service “Masters of The Wheels of Steel” aka MWS. Hear JahLou on Sunday’s with “The Point of No Return” Click the mixcloud icon up above to find archives for DJ JahLou.

Mr. Groove of “MWS” The Masters of The Wheels of Steel, has been dj’n for years and has played in just about every venue playing most kinds of music in London. Mr. Groove can be heard during “Wheels of Steel Sundays'” with the “Muzikal Frenzy” show.  

DJ Starchild on air every weekend and is an MWS member Masters of The Wheels of Steel and has been dj’n for years and will eventually provide info for this spot lol. Listen to Starchild with “Construction Productions Platinum” on both Saturday & Sunday. Click the mixcloud icon up above to find archives for Starchilds’ […]

Live on air, Mondays and Saturdays’ With “Do You Remember” & “RootsMan Skankin'” info on King David, we too are waiting for this info on how he got his start in this business and know you looking forward to reading it as well. Click the mixcloud icon up above to find archives for King David’s […]

Tora “ToraNado” Spraggs is a dynamic business woman with a diverse purpose, possessing a unique mix of entrepreneurship and inspirational work.  With talents in digital marketing, broadcasting and graphics, Tora sets to work with people to assist in accomplishing your musical dreams, providing a radio and live streaming interview outlet to open a pathway between […]

Skelly brings you some nice vibes inside the Skelly Live show, spinning reggae, r&b, jazz and more. Skelly is rebuilding her studio and will be back live on air soon on Thursdays.

aka “The Silent One” An awesome selektah which we are glad to have in the family. DJ DuPPy is probably our hardest working dj who is here more than the rest of us since he has nothing else to do. He’s been is the business for a good while, is retired but still comes out […]

aka the Soca Master, but not just a master of Soca but many genres. Base 2 is a master at selecting and “Way Back Wednesdays” is the big show you won’t want to miss.

From the Black Lion sound system. Chuckie has been dj’n for many years and is here inside the Lions Den

Live on air on Thursdays  

Hempress Selektress will start her show at the end of July, mixing kulture vibes, interviewing artists and more.


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