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Many Think Saggin’ Pants Started In Prison, But It Came From A Place Much Worst Than That

Written by on 2017-11-12

With the evolution of hip-hop and urban culture over the past 30 years, there have been so many arguments about the origin of sagging pants. Of course, most people have probably heard that “the word “‘saggin’ spelled backward spells niggas” and all types of other things. But most people think of rap music when they see sagging pants. Many people believe the trend is the result of people glorifying rap culture and fashion trends often seen in music videos. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, the sagging trend was introduced by rappers like Ice-T and Too Short. Then, Kris Kross took things to a whole new level. Although the trend started in prison systems and correctional institutions around the country, soon, black youth on the outside began adopting the fashion trend. However, it’s much deeper than something you see on television in this day and age. Prison Systems: Of course, you’ve probably heard a number of different theories, including the one about sagging pants in prison. If you haven’t heard about the prison theory, there are claims that incarcerated men who wear their pants below their waist do so to let other inmates know they’re okay with homosexual encounters. According to Odyssey Online, “a prisoner would claim another inmate by having him wear his pants down low for easy access and to show that the inmate belonged to him as his property, although some disagree with that theory.” But there’s a really dark truth about the origin of sagging and it goes all the way back to the days of slavery. Back then, there was a practice known as “breaking the buck” and it’s probably the most horrible thing you’ll hear today.

‘Breaking the Buck’:

If you haven’t heard of the process of “breaking the buck,” you’ll never look at a man wearing sagging pants the same. According to, the process was a heinous act used during times of slavery to break down defiant male slaves.  During this brutal process, the slave owners and Overseer would make an example of the slave in front of the entire slave congregation by beating him relentlessly. But unfortunately, that’s not the worst of the punishment. Then, they would cut down a tree and force the battered male slave over the tree stump with his britches removed so he’d be exposed for the entire slave congregation to see.

“Buck Breaking” The slave master would then make an example out of the slave and promise others the act would be their fate for defiant behavior. The slave owner would then remove his own clothing and savagely sodomize the slave in front of his family – wife and children – and his friends. But sadly things didn’t stop there. Slave masters were also known to invite their associates from other plantations to participate. Then the owner would make the slave wear his pants below his bottom letting others know that he was broken.

It is also noted that the defiant slave’s male children were required to be front and center while the horrific acts were taking place in an effort to break them down mentally at an early age as they witnessed their father’s humiliation. Sadly, the process was successful. In fact, the disturbing process evolved into a “Sex Farm” practice where slaves were put on display for the twisted sexual desires of homosexual slave owners.

“Sex Farms”: According to Atlanta Black Star, the “breaking the buck” process evolved into what was known as “sex farms.” With disturbing sex farms, slave owners would put enslaved Blacks on display for their friends to see. Slaves were forced to have orgies while being watched by white men who’d come from other plantations. In many cases, the white men would often participate in the sexual acts. So for the guys who wear their pants below their waist to make a fashion statement, it would probably be wise to think about what it really means because it’s more than just a look. It’s a reflection of a harrowing past and a warped mentality.
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