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Wheels of Steel Sundays

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The Whole Crew Back 2 Back

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The Masters of The Wheels of Steel DJ Crew, rock the airwaves in this

back to back to back to back mix shows singularly by collectively. If you remember the Caribbean Club and many other places this crew jammed at with some of the biggest vibes ever around town you don’t want to miss what takes place here. Finally the crew is back together every Sunday right here.

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Wheels of Steel Sundays crew

Headley Brown, aka Mr.Groove, burst into the Dj scene at age 16. His first job was in 1979 djing at Wheels Skating Arena in London, Ont. It was at Wheels where he was approached by Mike Rollins who was managing the Funk Show at Radio Western to appear on the show. Mike passed the turntables […]

Started from the bottom now we here. DJ Starchild from then til now-YOU ASKED Circa 1979/80 MR M.R starts a radio show on the mighty CHRW 94.7 FM.MR M.R calls it The Funk Show.Mr M.R decides to pass on The Funk Show  to Mr.Groove. Mr Groove drops madd funk on The Funk show – NOBODY […]

Lewis A Brown.  AKA   Dj JahLou, growing up around music, made it very easy for him to want to be a DJ. He’s been Djing for about 35 years. He says he will continue to dj until he’s not physically or mentally able to do so. JahLou DJ’s to share his thoughts without saying a […]

He has competed in the DMC championships for Canada in which he placed 3rd, even though he and the crowd response was thinking 2nd place. Since then he’s been hosting a show on chrw radio 94.9fm (still does) and broadcasts the same show here on KNR plus more.